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No matter your fitness level, whatever your goal, let your fitness needs become your fitness advantage.

U.N.I. training is the Roots Fitness Centre's premium fitness facility. We offer top quality services to help you achieve your most rewarding fit. Our professional staff is supported by years of expertise to help simplify and guide your fitness success story. We provide an extensive variety of equipment, services, and support to personalize your U.N.I. training experience. Join the team and find your fit.


Gym & Personal Training

Premium facilities and services for your health and fitness needs.

Classes & Groups

Engaging classes offered at all levels.
 Mix it up, stay on your toes, and keep it fun.

Sports Massage

Relax, rejuvenate, and recuperate for your pre and post workout betterment.


Natural treatment for pain and discomfort. Target the source and find your balance.

Nutritional Consultations

Collaborate on nutritional programs suited to your goals.


Alternative medicine to treat and relieve multiple chronic ailments.

Corporate Wellness

Physical activity improves more than just physique.

Corporate packages are available at reduced group rates. The Roots Fitness Centre provides the ideal space for your team to regroup, re-center, and enhance health and wellness. Give your team a boost with the U.N.I. training experience.



After working with Chris, Malcolm and Scott, I completed my first marathon in November 2013! Chris has been instrumental in helping me strengthen and push past my limits. His knowledge of current health and exercise issues is extremely important to me while I train. Malcolm and Scott supported me through injuries and pain to ensure that I could cross the finish line and safely recover from the marathon. Together, they are an excellent, resourceful team."

Valerie Cherneski

J’ai fait appel à Entrainement U.N.I. au printemps dernier, avec l'objectif bien spécifique de me remettre en forme suite à deux grossesses rapprochées. Cynthia a tenu compte de mes besoins, de mon environnement, des accessoires disponibles chez moi, et surtout a su intégrer mon "p'tit dernier" dans nos séances. Maintenant, je m'entraîne au moins trois fois par semaine, j'apprécie les exercices qu'elle me propose et surtout le sentiment de bien-être qui suit les entraînements. J'ai déjà perdu 10 livres (en 6 semaines!) et j'arrive à courir, chose que je pensais jamais pouvoir faire... et, encore plus étonnant, j'aime ça!"

Kareen Sorel

UNI has completely changed my paradigm on what training can be and the potentiality of the body to change shape past the point most experts deem possible. Through an inspirational and dedicated trainer, Laura Cousineau, I have relearned after 20 years of training the wrong way, how to train and take care of myself on a nutritional level. Consequently, I have lost over 45 lbs in the 3 years working with my trainer at UNI--something I never thought possible due to a negative experience at my previous gym. Now a year removed from my 40th birthday I have been complimented for looking 10 years younger. If one is committed, patient, driven, and a believer there is no better place to train and entrust oneself than UNI!"

David Melmed

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