Vegan No More

Great article straight from the mouth and experience of A Vegan No More. I have absolutely nothing against Veggies. Love them to death.  I have trained people who dabbled at being vegan and have seen a lot of these same symptoms apply, and they consequently go back to meats.   So this article kinda spoke to me in that way.

Has anyone else had similar OR contrary experiences?

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2 Responses to “Vegan No More”

  1. I had drastically cut down on my meat intake for about 2-3 years in the name of making less of an environmental dent on the planet.

    Since I have reintroduced protein at every meal in some form (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and/or why powder), I am stronger, leaner, and my body just “works” better.

    BUT… I also believe in buying sustainable, ethically produced meat when and where possible… I just wish this was more accessible in Montreal, i.e. in more places and more affordable.

  2. The best place in Montreal to get the good stuff is Les Fermes St. Vincent. They have a location at both the Atwater and Jean-Talon markets, locations off the island, and a delivery service I believe. You can get ALL types of meats from them including beef, chicken, lamb, pork and more. All grass fed top of the line stuff. You can also get custom orders from them. The prices are not that much more expensive. Pretty much as expensive as when the big chain Grocery store doesn’t have a sale on.

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