U.N.I Play

I love what I do.  A big part of it,  as cheesy as it sounds,  is being able to help people change their lives.

Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to help a small community in Jamaica called Treasure Beach.  It’s an amazing area of the country away from all the common tourist areas.  Peaceful, laid back, and amazingly beautiful, it’s a real gem nestled on the southern coast of the island.

In this fantastic little community there are a fantastic group of people that started BREDS.  An organisation that donates it’s time and 100% of it’s proceeds to giving back to the community through various projects.

Over the next few months we will be working with BREDS to collect donations for “U.N.I. Play by Roots Fitness and Friends”, a project that will collect funds to provide playground equipment for the Sports Park.


The Lignum Vitae grove: Future site of U.N.I. Play

This shady area under the trees will be an ideal place for children to play together in a safe, outdoor environment.

When Laura and I were looking for a way that we might commemorate our marriage with a donation to the TB community, a partnership with a local organisation seemed the best way to ensure we had a desirable impact. The BREDS Treasure Beach Foundation has been active in TB for quite some time, as you can see from its website.


It has financed and completed a number of worthwhile projects, supported both by the community and by visitors and international donors. Therefore, we feel that we can count on their resources to put in place a great facility that will allow everyone to keep fit, make new friends and have fun. 

Laura inspecting the property

Donations to the “U.N.I Play” project will be collected in the main through the BREDS.org website, and our contacts there have agreed that all general donations made on the BREDS PayPal account made between now and our Treasure Beach visit will go towards this initiative. U.N.I will also be holding a Touch Football Tourney as a fundraising effort towards the cause.  More details on that later but it’s coming up so get your teams ready!

Jason Henzell (owner of Jake’s, as well as founding member and a director of BREDS) has also generously offered to give donors a discount on future reservations at Jake’s resort – added incentive to support this joint initiative!

For more info contact Laura  (514) 248-2127 or Chris (514) 755-3317

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