Roots Fitness Retreat

Roots Fitness Retreat 2012



It’s on!   Your awesome trainers from U.N.I will be on hand with some other great professionals to host the first ever Roots Fitness retreat.   7 days of Yoga, Meditation, Great workouts, and other activities.  Local organic meals and beautiful accommodations in none other than sunny Jamaica!Treat yourself to a full week of nothing but fitness where you can’t be distracted by the outside world.  Immerse yourself FOR yourself!

For the first time ever we’re bringing our own brand of personalised functional training to the fitness retreat format.   Every day will include a Guided Meditation session,  functional workout  led by our amazing trainers, afternoon out of the box activities, and Yoga.  This is all in the goal of providing an overall fitness experience for an entire week. Also included will be organic meals and snacks provided LITERALLY by the fat of the land.  All local healthy produce from farms right in the Treasure Beach area.

Come join us from Oct. 27 – Nov. 3 2012.  It will be an experience not to be missed.  For more information and registration contact us at or (514) 487-6183

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