Roots Fitness Retreat 2014!!

Second Annual Roots Fitness Retreat with Jake’s Off Road Triathlon 2014

April 8 – 13, 2014

Have the experience of a lifetime with your favourite U.N.I Trainers in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.


This should be on everyone’s to do list: an iconic adventure through Jamaican countryside! This sprint triathlon has a broad spectrum of participants from the seasoned triathlete, the weekend warrior to the soccer moms. No matter where you are on that spectrum, U.N.I can prepare you to succeed on this scenic course.


The area: Treasure Beach, Jamaicatreasure-beach

Treasure Beach is a very safe community on the south coast of Jamaica. You will be surprised at how this part of the Jamaica differs from the North coast. Its black sand and cacti give it a more desert feel – it rarely rains in Treasure beach. At the same time, the fruit stands, children in their school uniforms and wild orchids along the road make it an unforgettable Jamaican experience.


jakes-entryYour hotel: Jakes’s Hotel

The relaxed beauty of this natural island accented by the vividly designed villas is the defining aesthetics of Jake’s. Each villa is very uniquely designed and with only 24 villas space is limited. Reserve early to get the villa of your choice. Spend the morning yoga-ing on the roof of the spa, the afternoon at the sea water pool and the evening by Dougie’s bar and you will think why do the race at all 😉

Jake’s has an outstanding outreach program and every nights’ stay Jake’s feeds money back to the community. Breds, a nonprofit organization, founded by the owners of Jake’s built a world class sports park a few steps away from the front door! This will be a great training ground for some last minute sessions before the race.


Retreat: Fit to Give

Intended as a preparation for the triathlon, it is however very inclusive to ALL; whether you are participating in the triathlon or just looking to improving current fitness level. It is not mandatory for you to partake in the triathlon to attend the retreat. Teams are also welcome.

Daily Activities includes : a workout out planned and modified by highly qualified U.N.I trainers according to all individual clients needs, an activity lead by local triathlete Damian “Reds” :bike tour, cross country run, mountain hike and ocean swim, and an evening stretch/yoga class on the roof of the spa overlooking the ocean.

 Giving 2


“ It was not only a triathlon but a health retreat. I particularly enjoyed the yoga and stretch classes at the end of the day.  Something both Brian and I have not done before. It was not only relaxing, but also it kept us limber and Brian in shape for the race.  I particularly appreciated the corrections that Skye and Laura made to our positioning.  Even those that take regular classes do not get individual attention and required corrections.  It goes without saying that it is important to do the moves properly to avoid injury and to get the maximum benefits.  The individualized interaction was appreciated particularly as we are all used to the benefits of personal training.

Marcia Wetherup


Faire un mini-triathlon ne faisait pas partie de mes priorités (en fait je n’y pensais même pas!), mais je dois admettre qu’ y participer à aider maintenir ma discipline d’entraînement, permis de bien lancer l’été et d’ajouter une aventure à mes souvenirs. Le site était extra et les activités prévues pour nous en avance du mini-triathlon, cool  (j’ai adoré le yoga par Laura (which for macho purposes I will refer to special ops yoga) et l’encadrement par les entraîneurs très conviviale. Cool crowd too.

Serge Tousignant

Eats: Jake’s Country Cuisine

A special menu will be prepared by Laura Henzell, Jake’s chefs and Laura Cousineau, to make sure you have all you need to better prepare you for the race while having you sample the wonderful Jamaican cuisine. Tasty meals will be prepared with ingredients that are all sourced locally. Have special request for vegetarian or gluten free meals? Not a problem. We will be more than happy to accommodate.

Should you want a night off the resort: right next door is Jack Sprat’s, a genuine hub for the local community and a favourite among the guests.


Excursions:  Appleton RumPelican Bar

Have I got your attention? Is it possible to go to Jamaica and not explore the Y.S Falls or sip a rum drink at the Appleton Rum Factory? We think not! We have planned a private trip for our group to explore these two iconic sites with a scenic drive through the Jamaican countryside and along the infamous Bamboo Avenue .


Trip Includes: ($2000 +tx )

Transportation to and from Jake’s in collaboration with Jake’s Hotel

Welcome cocktails and orientation with meet and greet

5 night stay @ Jake’s villas (based on double occupancy)

Entrance fee for Jake’s off Road Triathlon

3 specially prepared Roots fitness meals a day at Jake’s restaurant

3 – 4 workouts /day and yoga/ stretch with U.N.I trainers

Guided tours to better prepare you for your race: bike tours (bike included), hikes, swimming and yoga

Choice of excursion

Orientation of course and pasta dinner night before the race


Trip Excludes:

Airfare ( +/- $550)

Bike rental for race (welcome to bring your own bike)

Alcoholic drinks

Meals outside of schedule retreat meals

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