Regulate “Natural” ?

This happened a couple months ago.  Been busy so only getting to it now.  Interesting article, basically about prop 37 that didn’t pass in the US.  It would have put awesome new restrictions on “food product”  labeling.

Why the government doesn’t—and shouldn’t—regulate which foods are “natural.”

The post details some of the issues with the law which I think are all pretty much BS.  Wording could clear up all the tiny problems.   They say it’s hard to define natural.  It’s really not if that’s exactly what you’re trying to do.   Basically if you are holding something in your hand, and you can go outside into the wild somewhere in the world and find that same exact thing in that exact state, then that’s natural.  I’m not talking on a big production farm, I mean out in the wild somewhere.

Some people would then say certain veggies that you get in the store then are not natural because of careful cross breeding and what not, you can’t find Brocolli in exactly that state out in the wild.  Very true.  However when’s the last time you saw the label “All natural” on a brocolli?

So see it’s really not hard to define natural .  What is hard is defining it in order to protect the millions of dollars that big companies make every year by tricking people into eating wrong.  Vince (our trainer) said it best.  Real food doesn’t have labels or ingredient tags.


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