Redemption Song

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” – Bob Marley

It’s amazing how we can advance and improve ourselves, or break down and destroy ourselves simply with our minds. It’s also weird how we let others enter our mind and control our thoughts. Fill us with doubt and negativity and sometimes sabotage us out of our dreams and goals.

Dave Melmed has come a long way since starting training with Laura Cousineau over 3 yrs ago.  He came in over 200lbs at 5’8” and was popping pills every day for, stomach ulcers.  He was hesitant to start at a new gym, with a new trainer. He had been down this road before.  He also thought there were things that he just couldn’t change.  As if it wasn’t up to him.  The meds would be a part of his life forever just because that’s the way it goes.  He was wrong.  The Tim Horton’s bagel every morning was indeed his choice and he then made the choice to stop it. That dropped 15 lbs alone. Slowly but surely he started to make better choices that led to small changes that led to huge results.  He lost more and more weight, and became fitter and the meds went away.  He started trusting in Laura more and more importantly in himself.  After all we can give all the most amazing, ground breaking, mind-blowing advice in the world as professionals, but if you don’t believe in yourself enough to follow it then what’s the point?

In 2014 Dave made the choice to come down to Jamaica for the Jake’s Off Road Triathlon, a feat he had never even dreamed was possible. Laura added all 3 components to his training regimen and after losing 30lbs he was ready to go.

2015-04-21 19.25.32
Dave at 2014 Jake’s Off Road Triathlon

The swim was long and slow and draining. After getting out of the water he hopped on his bike only to find a tire was flat.  A min later Damien had changed out the flat and Dave was on his way. He pulled into the run transition rolling on a second flat tire.  Looking demoralised and defeated Laura and company pushed him through the run (which he walked most of) with the security car following closely behind. After 3 hrs and 10min he finally finished.

The good thing is he finished! He could have quit at any point. He also could have checked off Triathlon on his bucket list and thought “This is not for me but at least I tried” and that would have been fine! He did a ton of work to get there and he did finish, most would be very happy with that and they should be.  Instead though, Dave made another choice. He wasn’t going out like that. He realised after the tri kicked his ass that when Laura asks him to run, she means “ruuuunnnn” when she says to push a little harder she means ACTUALLY push harder. Eating well, all things considered,  is really not the same as eating WELL.  He had a new found motivation and made even more choices that led to even bigger changes leading to even BIGGER results!


2015-04-21 21.38.07
2015 Dave out of the water FOCUSED!

He changed his eating. Learned how to shop at the market and cook his own meals.  Trained harder, complained less, and even did some half marathons for fun. Then this year he went back to Jamaica. Back for redemption.  Another 20lbs lighter and looking like a completely different person from a year earlier, Dave went out and Shaved 1hr and 3min from his previous time.  ONE HOUR!!!!!!  That’s a freaking eternity!!  It’s like adding years to your life!!! He destroyed 2014 Dave!




2015-04-22 21.30.33
Smiling on the way to the run.

30min after he had finished and had some fresh coconut water, standing there fully recovered and laughing and chatting away, I pointed out to him that in 40min from now David 2014 would be coming across the finish line dying, and we would all be kinda clapping and kinda feeling sorry for him at the same time. It was an immense difference and an awesome reminder of what is possible when we actually free our minds of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of what others think.  Get rid of the fears of others that get inserted into our minds by their negative comments and criticisms.  Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.


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