Pregnant and Training 2

Week 33 – Focus on the Can

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, the world became full of “don’ts”. Don’t drink, but don’t cut out drinking entirely, don’t you know the occasional glass is OK? Don’t sleep on your back. Don’t work too hard. Don’t stress (as if you could help that). Don’t eat sunny-side up eggs, smoked salmon, raw salmon, raw meat, cooked shellfish, raw shellfish, peanut butter, blue cheese, prosciutto, and above all, be sure to stay away from [insert favourite food here].

Of course, there are good reasons for some of these, and I’m not suggesting that pregnant is a good time to start a pack-a-day habit or jump on an oyster-and-tartar diet. But most of these rules do seem to be a product of paranoia, or –at the very least – to be a little excessive in a country where everything is pasteurized, refrigerated and micro-filtered into sterility.

Another frequent refrain heard throughout my pregnancy has been “Don’t train too hard!”, usually followed by, “Um… should you be doing those?”

Well, I don’t know if I should. I’ve come this far and every Dr’s appointment I get a, “Keep doing whatever you’re doing”. I just go by how my body feels (and whether or not Chris says I’m allowed to!).   At one point along the way of this pregnancy, I realized that I have no real examples to go by, no real experience with pregnancy or babies. No nieces, no nephews. My close friends with babies live far away, my nearby friends with babies aren’t close enough to ask the gruesome details.

As I wrote in my previous entry,  for a long time I felt like working out was yet more evidence of what I couldn’t do anymore.  But at some point around month 6, my attitude shifted. I suddenly let go of trying to compare my pregnant self to what I could do before and just started having fun with it, and enjoying the fascination of watching the changes take place in my body from one week to the next.

Recently I have been ecstatic to learn that several of my close friends are pregnant with their first babies, like me. Ages? 42, 39, and 36, like me. And all fiercely independent, driven, career-oriented women, used to being on top of their shit, like me.

When I look to these friends, the advice I most want to give them is to tune out the chorus of “cant’s” and “don’ts”, and focus on the “I CANs”!

Working out helps me focus on what I can do. And even if this is a little bit less every week, I still feel proud of what I’ve done. Here’s what I could do today…

Today’s workout:

Warm up: 5 minute light jog, dynamic stretches.

Weights: 5 x 5 squats at 55 lbs

Circuit: 5 rounds

–          50 feet: farmer’s walk with 12kg Kettlebells

–          10x hang power snatch at 35 lbs

–          10 walking lunges

Stretches: focus on hips.


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