Post Prego Comeback ch. 6

It’s been a long time coming but Miss Mel is back on the block with her Post Prego Blog!

Coming up on 4 months post-partum and things are always changing.  I wish I was one of those people who adjust well to change and ‘go with the flow’.  I like structure, consistency, and repetition.  So basically when life throws a wrench in my well-oiled machine, the repair time can be long and slow… hence the lack of blogs in the last 2 months.


As I lost weight and started to see my waistline again, I also noticed that my belly button was not retracting back to an ‘innie’.  I didn’t think much of it until I was actually looking at my stomach while performing a crunch and saw a valley engulf my belly button.  To my eyes, this was the Grand Canyon and realized I have some decent diastasis recti happening.  On top of that, my belly button is pushed out when I’m standing upright suggesting a hole through the abdominal lining. Hernia. An Umbilical hernia to be exact.  Being the self-diagnosing control-freak that I am, I began googling EVERYTHING on the subject and asking everyone I know what they know about hernias.  The horror stories I learned about organs pushing through, etc. made me lose sleep at night!  I had to talk to a professional – FAST.


In the meantime, I was researching my training.  Unfortunately, as hernias are outside the scope of my certifications, I wasn’t sure of my limitations and certainly did not want to worsen the situation.  I’ve never had the opportunity to deal any clients with hernias so I’m actually happy to be my own test subject.  I read so much conflicting information on training so I basically just stopped for 3 weeks and did some light jogging, swimming and a ritual of diastasis recti exercises to begin restrengthening the deep abdominal muscles.

My appointment with the specialist lasted all of 10 minutes.  He said, nonchalantly, the hole behind my belly button is about a millimetre or two.  I would only need a local anesthetic and two sutures.  Twenty minutes followed by 2 weeks of recovery and I am back to my normal life.  INSERT EXHALE HERE.  He continued that my belly button is being pushed out by fat through the tiny hole and confirmed that I cannot make it worse.  As for training pre-op, I can do whatever I wish.  He recommended not benching 150 lbs (not that I could even come close anyway) and during heavy training if I feel pain in the hernia site to simply do a different exercise that targets the same muscle.

I won’t be getting the surgery soon.  I’ll wait until my body has returned to normal and reevaluate.  Who knows, if I work hard enough, maybe I can eliminate that fat that’s pushing out my belly button and not even have to have the surgery!  That’s going to be my new goal.

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