Post Prego Comeback ch.4

June 25, 2011


Yes, it’s Saturday night around 10pm… long gone are the days of partying and socializing with friends… JUST KIDDING.  The last two nights we’ve partied like rock stars so you can still do it!  It just takes some (a lot of) planning!

OK, so it’s now 6 weeks and a few days.  I have started into my training again and am so happy!  I can release some of the stress!  I feel like handle things much better after a session.  Or maybe I just don’t have the energy to stick to my guns… “Fine have another cookie.  Ok ONE more episode of Mickey Mouse.  I suppose two cobs of corn is sufficient for supper.” This is me with my 3 year old.  No wonder she’s all for it when I say I’m going to exercise now.

I started last Monday with this whole elaborate training plan.  45 minute training sessions of body weight, kettlebells and my stability ball – this is gonna be great!  Yeah, that bubble burst after I warmed up, like, 5 separate times because the baby kept waking up and I would have to feed him, change him, or play with him, etc, etc..  I ended up frustrated and decided to put him in the stroller and go outside for a walk/run for 10 minutes until he drifted off.  We came back inside and I got in about 15 minutes of exercise before he woke.  I decided to call it a day and rethink my regimen.

On the weekends when my husband is home is when I can do a longer 40-45 minute session that includes more weight and sufficient rest.  On my own it’s short 15-20 minute workouts that are as intense as I can make them.  I’m also trying to do them daily and taking just one day off a week.  Notice I said trying.  Last week I got Monday to Thursday in.  This week I’ve actually gotten them in everyday and today I did my longer session.

These sessions are not complicated.  I try to do interval-style exercises with little to no rest.  I’m actually incorporating a lot of skipping since I don’t have any cardio equipment (and really you don’t need it!)  For example, one day I did 20/10 seconds skipping/rest for 5 minutes followed by 25 stability ball jackknifes and repeated it 3 times.  The next day I warmed up and did as many burpees as I could in 10 minutes (a very tiring – and measly – 92).  Everyday incorporates full body movements.  In my long weekend sessions is when I do lots of deadlifts, cleans, swings, etc with my kettlebells.  I have a few videos that I really enjoy by an RKC instructor (my next aspiration for 2012!).

Eating is a challenge but eventually I’ll keep it on track – I would SO love to just diet hard but that is not going to happen as long as I am breastfeeding.  Our bodies sometimes hang onto fat during this process.  Once that ends some women have dropped up to 10 pounds and changed nothing in their habits!  My diet is pretty much the same as in the last post.  The work week is not so bad but being home all the time and spending half of my day in the kitchen makes it hard to stay on track.  A piece of cheese here, couple squares of chocolate there…. I wish I didn’t love food and cooking so much!  Weekends lately have been a debauchery of (arrowroot or my own baked) cookies, frozen yogurt, skinny cows (my FAVORITE), and  wine…  but it’s time to recommit and get back on track!  New meal plan in my next post!



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