Post Prego Comeback ch.3

One month in and Mel is giving it her all.   Amazing what the body can accomplish with some discipline.

June 11, 2011 –  Day 30

Jude has been with us for exactly one month.  Time flies!  Almost lost my mind a number of times trying to deal with the two kids but thankfully I was able to regain composure!  My walking has decreased as I had a set back this week with some dental surgery.  Teeth and babies… I’m a magnet for bodily trauma.

Anyways yesterday I made it my goal to run.  Fed Jude and away we went. 10 minute walking warm-up gradually increasing my speed and the n 16 minutes of 1 minute on 1 minute off run/walk and a 9 minute walking cool down.  All-in-all it felt great – I was fairly winded by the last run and I was by no means ‘running’… more like a slow jog.  I have a lot of work ahead if this is my cardiovascular starting point.

Eating has decreased somewhat.  I eat more like 6 times a day than the 8 or 9 times like before.  This is what my meals look like generally (when I can stick to it):

Breakfast – glass of water, cup of coffee, 2 eggs, 1 piece of Ezekiel bread, 1 tbsp almond butter

Snack – handful of raw nuts, 1 serving of dried fruit (like prunes and apricots)

Lunch – 1/2 cup quinoa, 1/2 can tuna, 1 tbsp dried cherries, sprinkle of walnuts, any veggies I have around

Snack – veggies and fruit and hummus and peanut butter and maybe a rice cake or two if I’m craving carbs

Dinner – 1/2 turkey breast, sweet potatoes baked or BBQ-ed, any veggies on hand

Dessert – changes every night.. sometimes I am good and have yogurt with fruit; sometimes I will make something like rice pudding MMMMMmmmmm….. or a peanut butter and nutella sandwich.

Today, I intended on going for a 5k run but the weather looks threatening… I skipped this morning for the first time doing 100 reps/30-45 sec rest for about 8 rounds.  Then I was interrupted to go pick up dog business as my husband was mowing the lawn.

OK. 5k time.  Put on my lulu leggings (to hold in the jiggle) and Nikes and off I went.  5k.  Rain or shine.  I had no concrete plan.  I intended on walking the first 10 minutes and running for at least two minutes, seeing how I felt, and either continue running or jogging but I was capping it at 5 minutes and doing a 1:1 run:walk ratio.  Ya that sounded good.  Walked the first 5 minutes and then felt I was ready to run. No paved bike paths or sidewalks for me anymore! I’m on the gravel shoulder of a real road now.  Hard core.  Ran 5 minutes and started to feel my left knee.  During my 5 minute walk interval I cursed at myself for not warming up better and asking myself who the heck I think I am?…  Second run interval the knee pain was gone.  Trying to keep my feet light and not run sloppy.  Core tight, hips swinging….  encouraging myself through my inner monologue that I had to make it back home and hoping my husband wasn’t losing his mind with the 2 kids already.  The run continued in this manner and I made it home in 40 minutes.  I was quite pleased that I did it.  I am so not a runner and will not be doing this once I start lifting again but it’s something of an accomplishment and I revelled in it with a peanut butter nutella sandwich.


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