Post Prego Comeback!! Ch.2

Another chapter from the new but already super popular, blog series from our veteran trainer and now mother of 2, Melissa Scarpelli.

May 29th – Day 18

I have really started to get my energy back now and have no pain in my abdomen anymore.  I’ve been consistently walking for a half hour or so everyday which feels amazing.  And the dog is looking great too!I am down – even under – my pre-pregnancy weight but find myself in a completley different body.  I’ve never been obsessed with body weight, but for those who are, the focus should be more on body fat.  Obviuosly I am not ready for that bikini and my skinny jeans are loose around my thighs and too tight at my waist…  I have this stomach that looks like there’s still a baby inside (not to mention the extra skin) and I’ve definitely got some extra booty- and thigh-fat happening.  I must have lost at least 5 pounds of muscle.  I look in the mirror and have to look twice because I don’t recognize myself.   I’ve always been thin and been in shape and feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of work I have to do.   It’s easy to see how instead of working hard to get rid of the weight, many women just accept that they cannot lose the weight and choose to eat and hide instead.  I am going to do just the opposite.

I have the most random and ferrocious appetite right now!  I have to eat about every 2 hours.  I keep my meals small and I can honestly say I have licked plates clean and have trouble not going for more food.  I’m pounding back so much water and tea to curb my appetite that I spend half the day in the bathroom.  I am eating 8 times a day approximately (sometimes I’ll have something extra before bed) but if you’re not breastfeeding 5-6 times a day should suffice.  Once I start lifting and the high intensity workouts begin my ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats will change.  Right now my carbs are higher to provide enough breastmilk for my baby.  I hope that keeping my portions small will help shrink this belly!My cat even had to stop and stare….. (see pic 2)

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