Osteopathic Running Seminar

Scott Sternthal B.Sc., CSCS, D.O (in progress)

It’s amazing what the body can accomplish when it’s supple and ready for work.  That’s really what warming up is all about, getting the body ready for what’s ahead.   Many people don’t warm up efficiently enough.  They come in rushed, our of a traffic jam after a long day of work and skip the warm up to save time.  You are then also skipping out on a possible PB and increasing your chance for injury.

This can often happen to runners.  People think running is so portable.  Just need shoes and some space and you’re ready to go.  It’s also an extremely natural movement.   Our bodies were built to run.  What they were not built for however is the lifestyles most lead which includes lots of sitting and bad postures.   So with the Oasis Montreal Marathon coming up it only seems fitting that we offer  a seminar with elite runner Scott Sternthal offering his Osteopathic Approach To The Running Warm Up.

Join Scott and discover how to avoid injury, run faster, and recover more quickly. Wear your running shoes, and be prepared to participate in some gentle stretches and exercises.

Where: U.N.I Training Gym

When: July 26, 2011

Cost: Free!!!!

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