U.N.I held it’s very first open house event.  Over 3 days tenants of the Nordelec, residents in the area, and valued members of U.N.I were able to participate in activities and take advantage of great specials.

Thursday involved a nutrition seminar presented by ATP Nutrition.  Attendees learned the basic and REAL facts about the food they eat.  It’s one thing to know. It’s another thing to do.  Everybody who attended was able to come away with some practical knowledge that they can apply easily to every day life.  Thanks to Pearle and Stephanie from ATP for laying it down for us.

Saturday was Group Training day.  It was U.N.I’s group instructors time to shine through a day of free courses including Ballet Body, Yoga, Spinning, and Hard Body.  Everybody got a taste of the benefits and fun of group training.  Thanks to Mike, Melanie, and Laura for doing their collective thang in the group scenarios.

Friday evening was BootCamp time.  With a fantastic DJ and even better food near by, a group of members and newbies were baptized by fire to the BootCamp scene. Participants were put through a rigorous circuit of Wall Balls, Push Ups, Kettlebell Swings and Walking Lunges.  Everybody had a great time and most of them paid for it for the next few days.  Like I always say, it has to hurt first before it gets better.  Thanks to DJ Psychology for providing one of his always mentally and physically stimulating mixes.  Thanks as well to Shana Troy for catering the goodies.

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