Obesity Doubles Over Last 3 Decades

So I’m 33. I don’t consider myself old by any means.  I can remember my childhood in the 80’s and all of the 90’s easily, some of it doesn’t feel that long ago even.  So when I read this article about how Global Rates Of Obesity Doubled in 30 Years  it was kinda crazy to think the entire planet has doubled in weight in my short lifetime.  The numbers are shocking and interesting at the same time when you look at other related numbers:

  • Global obesity has DOUBLED over 30 years
  • Health club members grew almost 300% between 1990 and 2000
  • Equipment sales in the same 10 years increased from close to 2 billion to 6 billion

So while people are obviously spending the money and investing in their health, their waistlines are still growing out of control.  The problem here in my opinion is one that I thought about a couple weeks ago as I sat in a room in Toronto, with a bunch of executives from a giant gym chain in Canada, as they spoke to other owners about strategies to increase the amount of people they will have coming into the facilities.  In trying to increase memberships, i.e. sales, and make fitness more accessible (reach more people) they look at a lot of numbers and talk about quantity, but you won’t even hear a whisper about quality.

Another interesting point to look at in this article is that as obesity is out of control, it states that “richer” countries are keeping diseases like high blood pressure and cholesterol under control.  Probably not a large surprise if you look at the fact that between 1995 and 2005 the pharmaceutical industry’s revenues increased by 289%.  That’s just 10 years.








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