Nutritional Buzz Words

Nutritional buzz words are nothing new.  Sugar free, Low-fat, non-fat,  are all terms that have been around for years.  Marketing words that don’t give you the whole story.  These days the more popular ones are “All natural”, “Trans Fat Free”, and “Organic”.   Check the backs of labels carefully.  When you see autolyzed yeast extract, you’re looking at MSG.  High Fructose Corn Syrup, which we know is one of the leading causes of obesity and type 2 diabetes, is “rightfully” labeled on products as “all natural” because the original source is in fact the corn plant.

The point is these words are derived from an awesome movement but are constantly being rendered meaningless because of evil marketing loopholes.  Now “Organic” is being added to junk food and the sheeple of the world are all over it.

Organic label makes foods seem tastier, more healthful


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