New Year’s Resolution post!

Seems like everyone HAS to put up a Resolutions post.  I was recently asked for my 5 best tips for the new year and so I figured I would post them here for all to see.

Top 5 health and fitness tips to start 2013 on good note:
  1. Eat REAL FOOD!  So many diets, so many buzz words, too many promises.  It’s very simple, eat REAL FOOD and you can’t go wrong.  What is real food you say? Again super simple. REAL FOOD does not come with an ingredients list and nutrition label. Your fresh fruits and veggies don’t have ingredients on them. The grass fed beef you get from your local butcher also doesn’t. Before trying to debate organic vs non or which vitamins you might be lacking, do yourself a favor and start eating real food. Eliminate anything in a BAG, BOTTLE, BOX, OR CAN.
  2. Apply your fitness!  Whether you do Yoga for mobility and balance or Olympic weight lifting to gain power and strength. You may be strong, and you may be mobile, and you may have a great body , but what can you actually do with it? Go out and find a way to apply what your achieving that’s the only way to truly be fit. Play a sport, go hiking, climb a mountain, take a gymnastics or circus training class. Martial arts!  Apply your fitness to something and you’ll see where you are truly fit and truly lacking.
  3. Set positive goals not negative ones! Sounds like a give in but it’s not. Most people set goals that focus on a “negative” like I will LOSE weight or STOP smoking. Change those words and the goals. Instead, say you will START to eat better or you will START working out more consistently.  It’s much easier to START something than STOP something and when you start something positive it usually acts as a catalyst and the bad habits stop on their own. Everything falls into place.
  4. Breathe!  Stress is the ultimate wrench in every one’s plan.  It affects sleep, appetite, hormone production, you name it.  It wreaks the ultimate havoc on everyone. Find a way to combat this.  Something that helps that everyone knows how to do is Breathe.   Takes 5 min every morning, put on your favourite song, close your eyes and focus on breathing in and out until the song is over. Beat that stress back and benefit greatly.
  5. Sleep!!   Rest IS recovery.  Proper sleep is going to help you perform better in everyday life.  Less stressed. More alert. Better recovery from workouts. It goes against our instincts but we actually GAIN more in rest when it comes to fitness. You burn more calories while sleeping than you do while awake.  Lack of sleep results in increased cortisol levels which will hinder weight loss. If you really want to make an impact on your health, get your sleep right.
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