Movember Madness

It’s that time of year again!  Movember is upon us and this year The Men Of U.N.I are up for a stiffer challenge.  Being our fifth year in a row participating, we are focused and bringing in as many donations as possible and raising awareness like never before!  That’s where you, all our loyal clients, come in.   This year we are introducing the MO-MENU.  An interactive way for you the clients to get a little something out of this glorious month as well.   Every donation you give at the studio is attached to a menu item or challenge that you can direct towards one of our Mo Team Members.  The menu is simple:


  • $1 = 10 Push ups or 5 Pull Ups
  • $5 = Trainer must grab the sandbag and go down the stairs to the bottom and back up.
  • $10 = 10 Burpee Pull Ups
  • $20 = a Vested Mile (trainer must jog a mile wearing the weighted vest.
  • $50 = an hr training session
  • $100 = Training role reversal (YOU train the trainer!!)


Please keep in mind that when the trainer is busy with a client we will not be dropping everything to say, run a mile, but we WILL get it done with photo or video evidence and post it to our Fan Page for you to enjoy later.

So come in and enjoy Movember with us!  If you would like to donate and cannot make it to the gym, our team link is

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