More barefootedness!!

Oh boy do I love this new website/advertisement for Vibram 5fingers newest model.

You Are The Technology

The movement towards the roots of fitness grows stronger everyday. Enough with the fads! Get back to the basics.   As they say on this site “we’ll never out-engineer the human body”

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One Response to “More barefootedness!!”

  1. I have been weight lifting for around a year and a half…. And i realized that after some time the only time that I had been sore was doing leg exercises. To create a long story short, I had been hangin out with one of the trainers, and she or he demonstrated a bunch of new exercises (its not like we spend a bunch of time on them either!) The following day I was sore from top to bottom. Basicly things i am getting at is the fact that you might have been stuck in the rut of doing the same old routine. However when you alter your routine your body feels it! Keep it up!

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