Mind and Body

I don’t know how many times I’ve told people during a workout that the mind controls the body.  Some of you know what I’m saying.  You miss one lift after doing 6 straight.  You’re trying to increase your time on a run and the wall’s getting closer, heart rate’s rising, breathing REALLY heavy now, and you get discouraged.  The words “I can’t” enter the picture.  It’s all quick sand from there on.

Some switch to another gear and push through. That’s another indication to me of how powerful the link is between mind and body.   All this to say, this article has some good news about the link between Activity and Mental Health.

If you have ever experienced a loved one succumb to alzheimer’s or ailments of that sort,  you know how painful it is.  The really encouraging part of this article is that it’s never too late.  Regular activity at any age will help.

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