Hypothermic Half Marathon

Well lookie here!  Our own distance demon Scott Sternthal placed second last week in the Running Room’s annual Hypothermic half marathon.  An annual race that sees runners not only brave frigid temperatures, but also various slippery surfaces on their way to the finish line.

Talk about unknown and unknowable.  When the thermometer reads sub zero and the course has been plowed down to pack the snow into a thin sheet of ice, your body better be ready to adapt.  With the terrain on Parc Jean Drapeau probably at it’s most icy in recent years, Scott was able to pull out second place at a time of  1 h 22 m 23 s.  Just over a min behind first place finisher Pierre-Luc Goulet.

Scott cruised in without injury and some juice left in the tank assuring he’ll be able to run another day.   Good job Scott. Onto the next one!

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