Great “Weight” Expectations

Interesting article in the Gazette about how society perceives “weight” or the quantity of it as the case may be.  The author speaks about being overweight and being accepted for who you are and how weight should not be involved in that acceptance.   This is a huge issue and I whole heartedly agree with the author.  Just as people should not be judged by their race, religion, colour, tattoos they have or cloths they wear, they should also not be judged by their weight.

That being said what he doesn’t stress enough (mentions it briefly in brackets like these) is that if you are overweight YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY.  At the very least you are at risk for a bevy of health issues.   That’s just a fact.   You don’t have to care about it or what other people think, but you should be aware and it’s a part of the debate that gets skirted around often.

Anyways this article isn’t even about that. It’s mostly about Adele, the singer, and how there’s a rumour that she may want to lose weight. People care about this apparently, and are angry that she’s betraying those who have supported her thus far.  This same thing happened to actor Jonah Hill who lost weight and was told he would no longer be funny.  So what’s happening here is people who are overweight, are angry because those that made them feel OK about being overweight are losing the weight, and that’s always associated with conforming to hollywood’s stereotypes and never about the fact that perhaps these celebs want to be healthier.


This could all be fixed by encouraging people not to “lose weight” but instead to “become more healthy”.   Don’t even think about he weight.  That number fluctuates drastically for everyone no matter what the size.  If you wake up too often over the course of the night you could be heavier the next day.  It’s not that reliable of an indicator.   Instead, in this new year of 2012, focus on health.  Eat right, be active, be happy, a sound mind is more important than a sound body.  Do this and the results will be everything you want including but not exclusive to, weight loss.

Oh by the way here’s the article:

Weight expectations

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