GMO Dangers!

Great article here about Genetically Modified Foods and the side effects they may cause.  It’s been reported that 90% of Soy and rice crops are genetically modified so if this new evidence holds true, it will have HUGE effects on the industry.

The Very Real Danger of Genetically Modified Foods

Monsanto’s reaction is not surprising.  They’ve spent years causing disease in humans with their garbage food production.  Nobody likes to get caught so expect them to lobby hard against any studies that may prove them guilty.



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2 Responses to “GMO Dangers!”

  1. Matthew

    Hello, My name is Matthew, i am doing a project on the uses of genetically modified foods. I will be doing interviews with people on their opinions and personal uses of these GMO’s. Please contact me if I could conduct an interview with you asap.

  2. Dear U.N.I.,

    I am a student from Lower Canada College participating on a class project that is focused on empowering students to produce professional, investigative documentaries on environmental or humanitarian issues. Our objective is to produce an environmental-like YouTube channel, providing a forum for students from around the planet to contribute to this global database. Numerous documentaries have already been produced that include world leaders from a variety of fields.

    I am focusing my investigative report on genetically modified organisms, and their possible impacts, and would like to have an interview with you to discuss your views on this issue. If possible, I would like to email you some questions. In an attempt to accommodate your schedule, you could submit your answers in a variety of formats; you could record your answers on a simple camera and email me your video, or record the answers in audio and email them to me, or if your time is really over-taxed, perhaps we could schedule a phone interview with you or as a last resort, you could simply email your answers in writing (I’d accompany your written responses with your photo in the video).

    If you are not available, then perhaps you could redirect me to a specialist in this field. You can Contact me at or reply to my teacher Mr. Auclair at / 514-482-9797 ext:469.

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