Fitness For Families 2011

UNI Training and Canada Company Present Fitness for Families 2011

Fitness for Families is a UNI training fundraising event in support of Canada Company, which is a charitable organization working to support Canadian veterans and their families.  This year`s Fitness for Families event is a challenging ruck march that will culminate in food and fun for all at the Cote-Des-Neiges Armoury near Beaver Lake. Refreshments will be provided by The Burgundy Lion and Bierbrier Breweries.

In addition to raising funds for a worthy cause, the ruck march represents an excellent opportunity to test one`s fitness in the context of one of Canada Company`s exciting initiatives; Operation Husky 2013.  This project is commemorating the battle for Sicily during WWII with two major remembrance ceremonies and an opportunity for participants to march through the rugged Sicilian landscape in the footsteps of those Canadians who earned victory there.  The 70th anniversary of Operation Husky begins on July 10th, 2013 and Canada Company is recruiting Canadians who are interested in joining them in Sicily for this important commemoration.

The Ruck March is a standard military training practice.  It is a distance walk or march, while carrying all the gear you need to survive, in a big back pack.  So we’re asking participants to carry some sort of weight with them as they follow along the march.  Suggested weight for men is no more than 40lbs  and for women no more than 20lbs.

Contact us at 514-487-6183 or at with any questions on how to prepare physically for this challenge.

Fitness For Families 2011
Date: September 11th, 2011

Time: Meet at 9a.m.

Cote Des Neiges Armoury

Where: Cote Des Neiges Armoury

Cost: Suggested Donation of $25.00

For more information please visit the following websites,

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