Exercise Ball vs. Desk Chair

The theory of sitting on an exercise ball rather than a desk chair has been around for quite some time now.  The alleged benefits being posture improvement and increased calorie burning.  People often fall into gimmicks because they sound so easy and the inherent laziness of most humans kicks in and says ” If I can get fitter just sitting at my desk then I’m in!” .  Alas as most gimmicks do, this one proves to be pretty much false as well.

According to a 2008 study the exercise ball increase your calorie burn but only by a less than marginal amount of 4 calories an hour.  Which when you think about it makes sense since you’re not doing anymore work physically.   Yes there are more muscles firing to stabilize but as anyone who has ever sat on a stability ball knows,  it’s not that hard.   Tapping your foot all day would probably burn more calories.

What may be even more surprising is the lack of evidence towards the posture improvement.  Again, if you think about it, you’re still sitting all day.  Hamstrings will still get tight and usually less support increases slouching.  The regular compensation patterns due to lack of flexibility will occur and you’ll still get back pain and have poor posture.

Yes my friends, once again, there is no easy fix. GET YOUR BUTT TO THE GYM AND OUT OF THE CHAIR!!!!

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