Damien Walters – Parkour master

You can’t take away the impressive fitness level of Parkour practitioners.  Speed, agility, strength, endurance, it’s all there.  Damien Walters is one of the best in the world.

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2 Responses to “Damien Walters – Parkour master”

  1. raven shane durant-hay

    I’m going to be 17 next year. And i’ve admire Parkour since I was little and have been looking for classes to learn from the best. And I want to push myself to the limit too. So if you have classes at U.N.I. I’d love to take some.

  2. Harrell stewart

    Hey im 14 nd im into freerunning iwas wondering do you have ant classes in florida,,,tht I can go to or do you know any body that have classesin florida

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