D.S.C Class

Dancers are some of the best athletes in the world.   If you have ever seen a high caliber dancer perform and know anything about the human body, this is evident.  I’ve been around dancing for a long time and the biggest problem I have seen is Dancers, for the most part,  don’t train like athletes.  This leads to constant and nagging injuries much like a runner who just runs and doesn’t do anything else to support that.

Enter Dance Specific Conditioning (D.S.C).  I thought dancers should have a strength and conditioning program that supports their activity much like any football, basketball, or hockey player does.  Our resident dance export Laura Cousineau helped me put together such a course and it has successfully debuted at one of Montreal’s premier dance schools  EXTRAVADANZA.   We’re looking to get dancers into this mindset of maintaining the body’s movement integrity so that you can excel and endure for a long, successful, injury free, career.

Thanks to Luisa and her “Danzers” for believing and participating in this concept.

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