Change Coming Soon!

Some new and fun stuff coming in to the gym soon!  Including two Olympic Lifting  platforms from Hammer Strength .  Olympic lifting is often associated with ENORMOUS individuals lifting tons of weight looking like severe injury is right around the corner.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Truth is Olympic lifting done properly is extremely safe.  Partly because you are using the body the way the body was supposed to be used.   It’s a great way to increase speed, strength, power, balance, and coordination, all of which can be applied to EVERY activity and sport you may want to do.   Even if your interest is just keeping in shape, it is a great way to increase or maintain muscle mass and bone density.  The key is proper instruction which you will no doubt get with our awesome U.N.I Trainers.  Here’s a video of us getting some world class instruction from world class person Dutch Lowy.  So that we’re ready to serve our loyal clients.

U.N.I Olympic Weight lifting

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