Beauty Comes In Many Formats

“I want a flat belly”: from corsets to lipo.

Icons of beauty where not always so. Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, not ripped but still a Goddess. And then Mona, you know the mysterious Lisa at 32% body fat (estimated guess).



Diversity is the key to life on this planet and perhaps it is also the gateway to our happiness.

We train for different reasons and we get different results. The pictures taken by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein could not exemplify this better. Take a minute, look at these Professional and Olympic athletes and understand that performance, strength, speed and flexibility come in multiple shapes, colors (pink, white, beige, ebony, caramel and chocolate), forms and with a bit of fat all over for that extra energy! They are all efficient and interesting in their own style.

Change your mind accept that you might be a pitbull, not a greyhound, a Mustang, not a Ferrari.

Anyway, the only 6 pack I have is in the fridge.

Commentary by Skye Moeseley, UNI Trainer 

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